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Medieval Madness

  The owl swooped in a low arc, intent on the motorised rabbit whizzing along the grass. Her markings were like seashells: speckled and variegated and the colour of tiramisu. As the bird lifted her wings, I was struck by her beauty and the bond she shared with her smitten handler. Her eyes were perfect… continue reading »



Queen Bee

  ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the cleverest of them all?’ Violet said. ‘Why you of course,’ the little voice in her head dutifully replied. Wind trumpeted through the drainpipes as the old house creaked and groaned. Violet stood in the middle of the room and glanced at the silver locket which dangled… continue reading »



On the Prowl

    ‘Get out, you thieving skunk!’ A silver blur shot down my neighbour’s front path and jumped clear of the fence. ‘If I see her in here again, I’ll contact the police!’ Melinda Richards yelled, swinging a packet of bread. ‘Sorry!’ ‘I was just about to have lunch and she was guzzling my ham.’… continue reading »



How to Run Your Writers’ Group: Meeting 3: Writing Scenes

    1. Choose a scene Choose a scene that comes to mind. It might be the mountains, the New York skyline, Sydney Harbour, a garden, a beach or a busy shopping centre. Describe this scene in your notebook using all your senses.  Give members 5 minutes to complete this task.     2. Examples… continue reading »



How to Run Your Writers’ Group: Meeting 2: Have a Gripe

      1. What annoys you? Ask members to think about something that annoys them. It could be parking fines, loud neighbours or people who blow their own trumpet.   2. I hate it when… Start with ‘I hate it when…’ and go around the room. People say all sorts of outlandish things, so… continue reading »



The Lady

  Femininity radiated off her, like steam from a pot of herbal tea. Her sleeves were ruffled and rhubarb red, as were the trio of roses on her bodice. She had a ballerina’s poise, a cocked head, and a pensive expression, which gave no indication of what she was thinking. I’d never get away with… continue reading »



How to Run Your Writers’ Group: Meeting 1: Story Prompts

    Congratulations on running your first writers’ group! Whether you’re leading school students, young adults, community members or nursing home residents, these activities are flexible enough to suit most people.      1. Meet and greet  Ask everyone to introduce themselves and provide some background about their writing experience. Most groups contain beginners, people… continue reading »



A Covid Christmas

          The table was set with all the trimmings. Bon Bons, candles, fancy cutlery etcetera. It looked like Christmas, but it didn’t feel like it. Not this year. ‘Hey, get back to the loungeroom,’ I shouted. ‘And don’t take off your mask.’ My niece had taken herself on a two-hour excursion… continue reading »




I did a workshop at my writers’ group today and we had to write about a chosen colour. You might like to write about your favourite colour and see how you go. Write down ten words you associate with that colour and use them to create a piece of prose or poetry. Here is my… continue reading »



The Harp

    A harp, it twangs with sadness, Her notes are cries of pain. The touch of fingers can’t console, Like blood forever stains. The waves of sound, they ripple out, I’m helpless in their wake. And now my body’s shivering, Each cell a stormy lake. I’m quivering like cornered bird, Electrified with hurt. The… continue reading »

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