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How to Run Your Writers’ Group: Meeting 1: Story Prompts

    Congratulations on running your first writers’ group! Whether you’re leading school students, young adults, community members or nursing home residents, these activities are flexible enough to suit most people.      1. Meet and greet  Ask everyone to introduce themselves and provide some background about their writing experience. Most groups contain beginners, people… continue reading »



A Covid Christmas

          The table was set with all the trimmings. Bon Bons, candles, fancy cutlery etcetera. It looked like Christmas, but it didn’t feel like it. Not this year. ‘Hey, get back to the loungeroom,’ I shouted. ‘And don’t take off your mask.’ My niece had taken herself on a two-hour excursion… continue reading »




I did a workshop at my writers’ group today and we had to write about a chosen colour. You might like to write about your favourite colour and see how you go. Write down ten words you associate with that colour and use them to create a piece of prose or poetry. Here is my… continue reading »



The Harp

    A harp, it twangs with sadness, Her notes are cries of pain. The touch of fingers can’t console, Like blood forever stains. The waves of sound, they ripple out, I’m helpless in their wake. And now my body’s shivering, Each cell a stormy lake. I’m quivering like cornered bird, Electrified with hurt. The… continue reading »



Michaela’s cakes: mango muffins

In my novel, The Yellow Dinghy Cafe, Michaela makes gluten-free cakes for customers with Coeliac disease. Here is one of her creations, which you might enjoy.     Mango Muffins Ingredients: 1 cup of chopped mango (tinned or fresh) 1/2 cup of mango juice 1 packet of gluten-free vanilla cake mix 1/2 cup of vegetable… continue reading »



Michaela’s cakes: raspberry and chocolate delight

    In my novel, The Yellow Dinghy Cafe, Michaela, one of the main characters meets a kid with Coeliac disease and decides to embark on a culinary journey. Here is one of her creations, which I hope you enjoy. Raspberry and Chocolate Delight Cake Ingredients: 2 cups of gluten-free chocolate cake mix 1 cup… continue reading »



How to write your novel: show, don’t tell (B)

How did you go? Here are some suggested examples of showing, not telling from Part A. Tell: Peter felt agitated as he waited for his son to call. Susie was furious with her sister for being late. Jason was excited that Chloe had accepted his invitation. Rusty the dog couldn’t wait for Jim to throw… continue reading »



How to write your novel: show, don’t tell (A)

    Have you ever heard the expression ‘Show, don’t tell?’ Most likely if you’ve done a couple of online creative writing courses or been to a writers’ group, you’ve heard it more than once. However, what does it mean? To make the concept clearer, I’ll show, then I’ll tell. Tell or Show Tell: He… continue reading »



The Yellow Dinghy Cafe – Prologue

Here is the prologue to my novel The Yellow Dinghy Cafe. It will introduce you to the three main characters and show you how to build up suspense.     Cockatoos screeched overhead, a blur of ivory and gold. Jolting in her seat, Michaela gasped as splashes of coffee scalded her skin. Wretched birds, she… continue reading »



How to write your novel: brainstorming

    Have you always dreamed of writing a novel? Well, if you’ve mastered the art of the short story, then writing a novel is within your reach. While a short story is a sprint and a novel is a marathon, it doesn’t mean that the latter is more difficult. It just takes a bit… continue reading »