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How to write your novel: show, don’t tell (B)

How did you go? Here are some suggested examples of showing, not telling from Part A. Tell: Peter felt agitated as he waited for his son to call. Susie was furious with her sister for being late. Jason was excited that Chloe had accepted his invitation. Rusty the dog couldn’t wait for Jim to throw… continue reading »



How to write your novel: show, don’t tell (A)

    Have you ever heard the expression ‘Show, don’t tell?’ Most likely if you’ve done a couple of online creative writing courses or been to a writers’ group, you’ve heard it more than once. However, what does it mean? To make the concept clearer, I’ll show, then I’ll tell. Tell or Show Tell: He… continue reading »



The Yellow Dinghy Cafe – Prologue

Here is the prologue to my novel The Yellow Dinghy Cafe. It will introduce you to the three main characters and show you how to build up suspense.     Cockatoos screeched overhead, a blur of ivory and gold. Jolting in her seat, Michaela gasped as splashes of coffee scalded her skin. Wretched birds, she… continue reading »



How to write your novel: brainstorming

    Have you always dreamed of writing a novel? Well, if you’ve mastered the art of the short story, then writing a novel is within your reach. While a short story is a sprint and a novel is a marathon, it doesn’t mean that the latter is more difficult. It just takes a bit… continue reading »



The Yellow Dinghy Cafe

Hi everyone, I would like to announce that my first novel, The Yellow Dinghy Cafe will be available for online purchase on 19th April 2021. It’s about a gap year with a difference and incorporates mystery, intrigue and suspense! Here is a quick synopsis: When Jasmine, Cybelle and Michaela finish school, they can’t wait for… continue reading »




Last month I entered the Furious Fiction creative writing competition and once again, there were story prompts. Here is my offering, which I hope you enjoy as much as I did coming up with it.     Three things threaten the Great Barrier Reef. Rising temperatures, ocean acidification and the Crown of Thorns Starfish. There… continue reading »



Food for thought

Here is my January 2021 entry for the Furious Fiction Writing Competition run by the Australian Writers’ Centre. It had to be 500 words or less, contain the words bicycle, signature and patient, begin at sunrise and include a character who had to make a choice.   The sun cut a line across the water,… continue reading »



Tips for writing success

Here are some tips which have allowed me to hone my skills, boost my creativity and achieve my goals. They have been hard-won, but are vital for success. Step outside your comfort zone Our brains are hardwired to stick with what’s familiar in order to keep us safe, but in today’s world, we must take… continue reading »



Oriental lilies

  Coaxed into glory, Long are the days. Opening petals, Fuchsia ballet. Flowers in winter, Nourish the soul. Waxy perfection, Anthers of kohl. Shy ones and bold ones, Perfume the air. Fluted umbrellas, Beauty beware. Poison that lingers, Hidden from view. Pearlescent sepals, Shiny and new. Whimsical trumpets, Set in a vase. Spilling, cavorting, Dust… continue reading »



The Rainbow Lorikeets

  In lime green coats and ruby vests They are a pigeon pair. He bobs along and sings his song, He flaps his wings with flair. She sits upon a gum tree branch, She’s waiting just to see If Mr there is worth her care, His hugs so feathery. On nectar, blooms and fruits they… continue reading »