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Cherry blossom dreaming

  Watermelon dancers’ skirts Are draped on speckled bark. A chorus with the smallest feet, The singing of a lark. I wonder where their owners rest With trusting, pure hearts. I nestle in to drink perfume, What bliss their tutus spark. These ladies sleeping in the woods With mushrooms for a tent. The gurgling of… continue reading »



The tibouchina sapling

  Her buds of purple bounty burst To face the autumn day. The richness of the colours is Such decadent display. From rockery she’s sprouted strong, Yet delicate her bark. Her flowers’ tears so haunting, Petals gleaming in the dark. Her styles of moonlit beauty float, Beguiling in the breeze. Lush leaves of emerald frame… continue reading »



The portal

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines a portal as a door or entrance which is large or imposing. I’m sure they’re referring to a physical structure but there’s a metaphorical meaning, too. What if the ‘portal’ or ‘gateway’ to our subconscious mind and the richness of our imagination could be accessed by re-setting our brainwaves? Apparently,… continue reading »



The bottlebrush

    Crimson beauties burst with song, They greet me on my path. Their joyous tune a contrast to The sorrow in my heart. I stop to gaze then reach for them, Caressing ruby spines. The softest stamens in my hand, Such graceful little lines. And then to catch me unawares, They start to jig… continue reading »



A square peg in a round hole

  Do you sometimes feel like you’re a square peg in a round hole? Like you just don’t fit somehow? Well, welcome to the club. As a kid, I danced around the house, had imaginary friends and refused to learn how to read or write until I went to school. Consequently, I found the first… continue reading »



Furious fiction

Have you ever participated in a short-story competition? Well, I did when I was at school, but it’s been many years since I’ve summoned up the courage to enter one as an adult. Recently, I bit the bullet and submitted a story about a girl who becomes involved in a missing-persons case but that’s still… continue reading »



Do you have a writers’ group?

As you may or may not be aware, I’m part of a writers’ group and it’s made all the difference to my work! It’s improved my confidence, given me ideas and made me think about things from a different perspective. Another thing it’s afforded me is the opportunity to flex my mental and creative muscles…. continue reading »



The flannel flowers

    The flannel flowers congregate, In bowing bonnets and impish skirts. Diminutive in stately woods, So shy I must, my gaze avert. Their velvet petals soothe the soul, So subtle against the cinnamon soil. This camouflage, their coyness serves, The thunderous boots of ramblers foiled. On puddled path of tangerine clay, I squelch and… continue reading »



You’ve got to be in it to win it

    Have you heard this recently? Or what about another commonly used phrase: You only get out what you put in. The problem is, for people who are a little more introspective than most, promoting themselves is quite scary. They have no issue with putting in the ‘hard-yards’, but entering competitions, attempting to be published and… continue reading »



The snowflake

She floats down through the heavens, Ethereal and light. Her never-ending pirouettes Tossed gently left and right. Like diamonds do the chinks of light Shine through her pearly face. She comes to rest so gently on The beings in this place. The mystery of her jewelled form, Her crystalline physique. Why are her sisters, none… continue reading »