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How to Run Your Writers’ Group: Meeting 2: Have a Gripe



1. What annoys you?

Ask members to think about something that annoys them. It could be parking fines, loud neighbours or people who blow their own trumpet.


2. I hate it when…

Start with ‘I hate it when…’ and go around the room. People say all sorts of outlandish things, so take notes on anything that you find interesting or humorous.


3. Write it down

Write a short piece beginning with the same line. E.g., I hate it when my coffee isn’t hot enough.


4. Read your stories

Get members to read their stories and provide feedback.



Write a dialogue between two people who are venting their gripes. Both of them are cantankerous and trying to out-do each other.

Alternatively, get people to pair up and start bantering. They could generate some ideas, then present their argument as a short skit or do so without rehearsing. You will be surprised how many laughs you’ll generate and the number of story ideas you come up with.

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