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Keep her safe


Don’t monetise her personhood,
Or tell her cruel lies.
Do not destroy her innocence,
Or see her as your prize.

Don’t hit her or manipulate,
Or tell her that she’s fat.
Don’t tease her with a pin-up girl,
Then patronise and pat.

Don’t tell her that she’s lesser than
Just ‘cos she wears a skirt.
Don’t grind her down then build her up,
Her crying on your shirt.

Don’t minimise and make her feel
She’s crazy in the head.
Don’t menace and intimidate,
Her self-esteem to shred.

Don’t belittle or berate her
Or strive for her demise.
Don’t secretly resent her skills,
Yet show it in your eyes.

So what is a good guy to do
So he won’t hurt his girl?
How should he show her what she’s worth,
Her love for him a pearl?

Some empathy, some real respect
Is often overlooked.
Some kindness and some caring words,
A lovely meal you’ve cooked.

Protection and provision is
Perhaps a noble cause.
But she will give you ten times more,
Her tending, just because.

I know you will repeat this plea
To all your mates and more.
Your female friends deserve this much,
It shouldn’t be a chore.

So if you wish to steal her heart
And be with her for keeps.
Just cherish her and keep her safe,
For you her heart will beat.

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  1. JamesTeath say thanks to so much for your web site it aids a whole lot.

    April 27, 2020 at 6:59 pm · Reply
    • Sophie Chenoweth Thanks! I really hope you liked the poem. :)

      June 30, 2020 at 11:44 am · Reply