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Life in Lockdown

Trapped in a bubble,
Virus aloft.
Dunking our teabags,
Oh, whoops, I coughed!

Logon remotely,
Switch on your mic.
Vectors we all are,
Postcodes alike.

Download the Zoom app,
Save in the Cloud,
Email those clients,
PJ’s allowed.

Queuing at Woollies,
Goop up your hands,
Wipe down the trolley,
Squeeze past the jams.

Go to a café,
Take away? Sure!
No seated patrons
‘Till there’s a cure.

YouTube sensations
Showcase their skills,
How to make penne,
Decrease your bills.

I need a hair cut,
Salons galore.
None of them open,
Split ends and more.

Boredom is boundless,
Each day a drag.
Hang out that washing!
Don’t be a nag!

Netflix works wonders,
Rubbishy shows.
Brainwaves are slowing,
Nobody knows.

Finish that novel,
Set up a blog,
Nourish your garden,
Shampoo the dog.

Race for a vaccine,
Scientists sweat,
Global pandemic,
Not quite there yet!

Sore throats are scary,
Pass me the Vicks,
Should I get tested?
I’m sweating bricks!

All of the workers
On the frontline,
You are the bravest,
You’ve got the spine.

What a vocation
What a great gift,
We are indebted,
Shift after shift.

Summer of bushfires,
Fresh in our minds,
Rebuilding thwarted,
Payments declined.

Flora and fauna,
Habitat gone,
Gene pools receding,
Flash floods and storms.

What of the homeless?
How do they fare?
How can we help them?
Why don’t more care?

Then there’s the women,
Caught in a trap.
Husbands that kill them,
Why do they snap?

Sometimes I’m lonely,
Tired of the screen.
Scrolling through Facebook,
Sadness unseen.

Call up a neighbour,
Go for a walk,
Do someone’s shopping,
Just have a talk.

When your world’s spinning,
Out of control,
Take back your power,
Reach for your goals.

Let’s let compassion,
Open our hearts,
Nation to nation,
Each play their part.

One day we’ll look back,
Memories retained,
Some things we gave up,
Oh, what we gained.

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  1. Katie Thompson Well done Sophie. Very insightful and fun. Xx

    May 17, 2020 at 7:46 pm · Reply