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The platypus



He glides along the river bed
And shakes his head about.
The clouds of silt like puffs of steam,
He’s hungry, there’s no doubt!

His bubbles blown are silk balloons,
They billow beautifully.
His aqua home, complex biome,
Debris infused like tea.

And then he swims up to the sun,
He rolls around with glee.
The waters chuckle dreamily
Oh, what felicity!

Charles Darwin thought him rather odd,
His hodgepodge features quaint.
Primordial, he painted him,
Derision without restraint!

His grinding pads instead of teeth,
His bill like English duck.
A reptile’s feet, close to his sides,
He must have been dumbstruck!

Yet we prefer to hold him dear,
His chocolate body lithe.
His poisonous fangs and impish charm,
We gaze on him with pride.

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