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The power of video

A couple of years ago, I started making YouTube videos. We’d had some gorgeous sunsets and I was determined to freeze them in time. I also did a bit of bird watching and was amazed at what I learnt when I replayed my mini-movies. This is a video I took which I entitled: ‘Lightning at sunset’ and it continues to both haunt and beguile me…

And here is the poem I wrote which I hope mirrors this spectacular scene.

Heaven on Earth 

A steel bird flies through violet skies,
The clouds spun sugar, tinged with plum.
He hurtles on towards his goal,
His passengers’ journey just begun.

Beneath the nimbus, lighting strikes,
A sparkling silver fairy’s wand.
The fuchsia light, canary hues,
Their unadulterated bond.

I cannot turn, my eyes transfixed,
The cloud’s tears heavenly waterfalls.
The empathetic land below,
The thunder, his reprimanding calls.

I rest my hands on metal rail,
The swirling sky is mystical.
Its powerful presence dominates,
I’d call it egotistical!

Why is each sunset so unique?
Refracted light, our planet’s spin.
The dusk, the dust a scene creates,
My obsession causing slight chagrin.

To capture one, to freeze in time,
Of magic bottles, there is a dearth.
Yet I’m so thankful, don’t you see,
As they’re quite simply, Heaven on Earth.


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