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The seals

Back in 2009, I visited New Zealand and was captivated by the wildlife and spectacular scenery. This poem is about the seals who were lounging all over the rocks near Kaikoura which is in the South Island. Since we cannot travel at the moment due to the coronavirus, I thought it would be nice to reminisce on a lovely holiday in a beautiful place.


Seaweed clings to craggy rocks,
The foaming waters swirl.
Streamlined beauties camouflaged,
Their whiskers gently curled.

Resting in the midday sun,
A peaceful reverie.
Scudding clouds across the sky,
Soft breezes heavenly.

Clicking cameras all around,
We stand upon a verge.
We coalesce like blobs of ink
As wanton wavelets surge.

From ‘round the world we’ve come to see
These jewels of the sea.
New Zealand’s coast remarkable
From cliffs to mist to scree.

Their furry coats the warmest brown,
Silk cooing in the air.
Their flippers smooth and powerful,
Their haunt with seagulls share.

The way they tip their noses up,
The grace with which they glide.
The memories of this dreamlike place,
With me they will abide.

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