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The tibouchina sapling


Her buds of purple bounty burst
To face the autumn day.
The richness of the colours is
Such decadent display.

From rockery she’s sprouted strong,
Yet delicate her bark.
Her flowers’ tears so haunting,
Petals gleaming in the dark.

Her styles of moonlit beauty float,
Beguiling in the breeze.
Lush leaves of emerald frame her blooms,
Protected by tall trees.

A spider clinging to her arms,
His web is tightly spun.
A tapestry of silken string,
It sparkles in the sun.

Cascading jewels, they shimmer down,
Like amethysts they glint.
Such waterfalls of gorgeousness,
On mind’s-eye they imprint.

So vulnerable, yet perfect she,
I tend her carefully.
A sapling of such radiance,
Grande dame her destiny.

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