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Unlocking Figurative Language (free eBook)

Welcome, writers! This book is designed to help you unlock figurative language, allowing you to infuse your writing with a little bit of magic. Whether you’re a short-story writer, blogger, poet, speech writer, school student or singer- songwriter, it will help you hone your craft and connect better with your audience. I’ve included metaphors, similes, hyperbole, juxtaposition, onomatopoeia and many other poetic devices, as well as a segment on how to nurture creativity.

In addition, there are definitions, examples and activities to get you thinking and suggested answers, as well as a glossary of terms are at the back. All you need to complete these numbered exercises is a pen and paper or computer. There’s also a ‘test yourself’ section with multiple-choice questions to help cement key concepts. And finally, just to give you a taste of how rhetorical language can be used to add poignancy, depth and nuance to your writing, here’s one of my poems from ‘The Scent of Eucalyptus’, which you can find on my website.

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