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It doesn’t get any easier

It’s funny, I’ve watched lots of author interviews and something these incredibly brave people have in common is their belief that it doesn’t get any easier. What do you mean? You might say. Well, just because you’ve finished one project (i.e. a novel), it doesn’t mean that working on the second is any less daunting. You’d think it would be, but it isn’t.

So, what to do? I know what I need to do, but at the moment, I’m in the process of avoiding. Perhaps I could call it ‘lying fallow’, but really, it’s been going on for far too long. A few years ago, I went to a Medieval fair and it was amazing. I’m no history buff so immersing myself in an experience like that was pretty phenomenal. I got to learn all about Viking drinking horns, weaving and the rules of jousting. I also got a sunburn, but that’s beside the point.



The thing is, the novel I’ve been avoiding is a time travel piece which is set in the 1500’s and some time in the future. So, in order to describe where one of my key protagonists lives, I need to do a whole lot of research into Medieval history! I also need to do a whole lot of research into genetic engineering which in some ways, is even more daunting, even though I have a science background.

So, you know what I’ve done? I’ve been watching Netflix on and off for the last couple of days in order to hide from my fears but also, to convince myself that if someone else got their story on TV, maybe I can too. I’ve also written a couple of short stories to help stimulate my creative juices and it’s kind of helped. But you know what? My fear remains and the only way I’m going to face it is if I get back to the grindstone and start writing more chapters.

However, procrastination, at this point, is far more alluring. Even housework! And Christmas is almost here, so I’ve been shopping and wrapping presents and sweeping leaves and all that stuff. So, merry Christmas and if it isn’t so merry, I hope that the New Year brings some creative cheer.

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News update:

I’ve written a short story about a medieval fair using my experiences as inspiration. I’ve also completed my first novel, which is now available on Amazon, Kobo, Booktopia and many other platforms. It’s about three friends who have recently completed High School and their adventures over the course of a year. Throw in a stalker, a dust storm and an extortionist and you’ve got a real page-turner!

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